Movie Night Hamper Ideas

Movie Nights in and Movie Night Hampers, especially, have exploded in popularity due to more people staying indoors than ever before. It’s the best way to relax and unwind at the end of a week and a perfect opportunity to make the most of that chillout time.

These 5 tips will help you to make the most of your movie night at home, whether you do a DIY movie night hamper or decide to buy a Movie night hamper - You'll really enjoy your time in on your own or with friends. So curl up, grab that cosy blanket and grab a pen and paper

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite tips for how to make the most of your movie night at home — think lots of pillows and cosy blankets, a great movie, and, of course, plenty of amazing snacks and goodies.


1) Decide On A Movie: What movie you are going to watch will depend on who is watching it. If t's just you then it's a no brainer but if it's yourself and partner or children then you all need to come to some sort of agreement. In this instance it may be worth getting votes or putting names into a hat and randomly pulling one out. If there are a few you could schedule them for the following weeks… However, if you're not sure what to watch then IMDB or Teaser Trailer Movies are a great place to get inspiration on what films to watch.


2) Get Comfy: Get the blankets, pillows/bean bags and prepare to get comfy! You can be as creative as you like or not, there are no right and wrong decisions. Just set the scene and relax.


3) Avoid Movie Night Frustrations: You don't want to go to all of the effort above to then have issues with your speakers or internet connection. So test out your streaming service, smart TV, devices etc way before you'll be using them.


4) Make It Fun: Sitting on the sofa and watching the TV is perfectly fine but have you thought of having a projector? You can make a home made projector using your smart phone and a shoe box. You can also buy some nice projectors from Amazon or eBay.


5) Have the snacks ready: Now you just need to stock up on some snacks to make it a great movie night. Movie Night is the perfect time to indulge in popular snacks like, Popcorn, Sweets, Crisps, nuts etc… Don't forget the Popcorn holders! Hint: We have an awesome Movie Night Hamper jam packed with your favourite snacks, that you can buy here.

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