Why Do We Give Food Gift Box Hampers? The Top 5 Reasons Why

Why Do We Give Food Gift Box Hampers?

It’s interesting to be asked “Why do we give food gift box hampers?” in response to someone asking what I do for a living. Don’t get me wrong because most people instantly understand it but for some it’s not something that they’ve thought of. A prime example of this is my little brother, he also hadn’t been to an Ikea store until a few years ago! That’s saying something. No, he’s not a kid, he is 30 years old.


So back to the reason I thought to write this blog post. I just wanted to highlight the top 5. I’d be interested in your thoughts – Did I hit or miss the mark? Can you think of ones that you would have used instead? You can’t believe someone in their 30’s hadn’t been to Ikea?!!!


Top 5 Reasons Why We Give Food Gift Box Hampers

  1.  Convenience

I can hear someone saying “I could do this myself!” and you'll be correct…. If you have the time and energy to do it. Let’s think about this logically:


  • First find the right box – This could mean having to buy many to find the right one. There are very few high street stores that have a suitable selection.
  • Make sure that your gifts will fit in the box and finding the gifts. You may end up having to go to many different stores.
  • Making sure it looks presentable – It’s the little touches that make a food gift hamper special.
  • Going to the post office/Hermes/UPS etc to post.
  • Time – Making time to do the above when you have a busy life.

When you do it yourself you realise that it could take up time that you want to use to relax, go to the gym, cook dinner, finish a project etc.


Yes, you can do it yourself but the convenience of having someone to do the above steps and more is priceless. How much is your time really worth is the question you need to ask yourself?

         2.People Love Presents


Think back to when you were a kid at Christmas Day and opening your presents. The thrill of not knowing what was inside and just being so happy with your present.


It’s the same with a food hamper, I tried this with my Aunty. I gifted her one of our food hampers (Insert name and link to website) to get some feedback. She was like a little kid with the “oooh” and “aaah’s” as she opened the box. She loved it and loved the biscuits. She’s now a convert to Border Biscuits!


        3.Hampers Can Be Given All Year Round

Food gift box hampers are definitely an all year round gift because there is always something to suit any persons taste buds.


Imagine this – You have a birthday, anniversary, someone is leaving your workplace, had a baby, bought a new home… The list is endless!


In each and everyone of those occasions you can easily find a hamper to suit. Maybe a fun Movie Night Hamper, who doesn’t love a Borders Biscuits Hamper, a delicious Lotus Biscoff Hamper, a Luxury Hot Chocolate Hamper or a Mint Chocolate Hamper for that special someone.


There really is a hamper to suit someone.

       4.Who Doesn’t Like Food?!


Seriously though… Who doesn’t like food? The only reason someone may not like a food gift box is because you selected something that they don’t like. So avoid that and you are onto a winner every single time.

       5.Show Someone You Care


This is the underlying reason of all of the 5 points – By sending someone a food gift hamper you are showing them that you are thinking of them and care. Over the last couple of years more of our food gift box hampers have been sent as Thank you gifts, Care Packages as well as Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas gifts.


You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t appreciative of receiving a food gift box hamper delivered directly to there door.





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